Urban and Regional Planning Graduate. Spatial Data Analysis and Cartography.

Car-oriented development has led our cities towards unsustainable lifestyles and environmental catastrophes. TOD is one measure to counter. What is it, and why?

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Urbanising World

The developing world is urbanising fast. As the figure below illustrates, most of the fastest-growing cities worldwide are located in Asia and Africa. People are moving into the cities and the trend seems to keep rising. What entails is the demand for infrastructure and services to accommodate the rise in…

Hands-on Tutorials

How do you observe the relationship between the two variables? A scatter plot for non-spatial data, bivariate choropleth for spatial data.


Are the Covid-19 cases correlate with Urban Density? Does Population Density correlate with Gross Economic Output? What is the relationship between GDRP and Pollution? Are cities more productive than rural?

These questions can be answered by analyzing two spatial datasets. A simple scatter plot might answer it quickly. but in…

Street Network of Nearby Bandung (Source: Author, 2020; ©OpenStreetMap Contributors)

Hands-on Tutorials

How is Bandung City’s public transportation service coverage? Which regions are yet to be served by the public transportation network in Bandung City?


Bandung City is the capital of West Java Province in Indonesia and it has its own transportation sector problem. At one time, it is considered to be one of the most congested cities in Indonesia, and the 14th in Asia (ADB, 2019). This is shocking because it is expected that…

The population of North-West Java Island (Image by Author, data source: Indonesian Statistic Agency)

To understand how cities behave and make better policies, first, we must understand the spatial interactions inside the cities. This is impossible if the cities do not have data with spatial elements. Some Cities have spatial elements in their datasets, but unfortunately, some are not computable. These spatial elements must be computable, as being computable reduces the analysis cost and provides robust results. GeoDataFrame is a simple computable and intuitive “data format” that I propose to be the solution and such data should be procured by cities in Indonesia.


Geographic Information System (GIS) is an essential skill an urban planner must-have. With GIS, urban planners may manage, publish, and analyze spatial data. The spatial data is distinct to ordinary data as spatial data has a spatial element that sometimes people overlook. …

Geographic Information System

In some cases, you might need to see the relationship between 2 raster datasets. Doing so with GUI applications might be infuriating because of the lag, and inconsistency, and many more. Even worse when dealing with large resolution rasters. Scripting in Python might be an alternative solution that provides you with reliable, fast, automated, and consistent results. This article guides you to display a scatter plot of two raster datasets using basic and popular Python libraries.


Raster data is basically an image or matrix. As an image or matrix, it is consisted of arrays and can be formed as data frames or spreadsheets. You can even visualize raster data in Adobe Photoshop or Ms. Excel! Each raster cell holds a single numeric value that can mean…

DS in Real World

With limited stamina, people are only able to walk to some duration or distance. To promote public transportation usage, the accessibility of public transportation service should be within this distance. Using Geographical Information System, we are able to identify which regions that are not within the walking distance and infer the unserved citizens.

Summary: Jakarta City is among the worst congested city in the world. Public transportation usage must be promoted by first widening the service coverage to the residents. This covering distance should be within 700 m based on the standard walking distance as humans have limited stamina to walk. So,


Sutan Ashari Mufti

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